About Us

Recovery is important and we see a lot of people not able to use massage more often to help with recovery and fatigued muscles.

Our team has worked tireless to create and bring the world PowerGun™ and a wide range of recovery products.

Everyone can now use the PowerGun every day and the results are incredible. It allows for performance to be increase drastically and risk of injury is highly reduced.

We stand by our products and we have a passion for health and we know how important recovery is and how expensive massage can be. 

These products will change your recovery, performance and overall muscle fatigue & soreness

We really appreciate all our customers and we want to create a community of people encouraging and supporting each other on the road to success and recovery!


Company Name: Pure Powers Sports LTD

Organisation Number: 12909829

Registered Company Address: 14 Bishops Court, Haverhill, CB9 9BT

Our Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your PurePowers purchase, return it within 30 days for a full money-back guarantee.


Tracked Worldwide Shipping.

We advise 7 to 14 Days for delivery as we quality check each PurePowers product before it is shipped out to you.

About US

PurePowers is a British fitness brand focusing on sourcing, developing and delivering high-quality recovery products. Our products are designed specifically to enhance your performance, relieve pain, aid muscle recovery, and release fascia before and after exercise.

Contact Us

Email: info@purepowers.co.uk

Head Office:
Haverhill, CB9 9BT, United Kingdom.